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Basically, you'll have access to everything!

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Here's what people are saying about Zac

I have had the pleasure of learning from Zac personally over the years.

His style of teaching has been so helpful to me. I am so excited that now anyone, anywhere can learn guitar from him.

Thumbs up from me! 

Lucas - Musician

I’ve been playing guitar with Zac for a year half now and I’ve made massive progress with my time with him. He is outgoing, immensely skilled and very friendly which makes for a brilliant learning environment and great relationships with his students.

Over the time Zac has been my teacher, I have learnt so much about the art of playing the guitar and we have connected through our similar taste in music. Ive gone from basic chords to recording songs from my favourite bands, and now getting finished with the pentatonic scales that have greatly improved my playing.

 I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in playing guitar.

Suran - College Student

I began private guitar lessons with Zac as a beginner in 2018.

I found his teaching approach friendly, relaxed and well structured. Lessons were well planned which helped me improve much faster than I thought I would!

I have learnt a variety of techniques in each lesson. Most of the songs Zac uses to teach me are all composed by him, specifically to improve different aspects of my playing. The recordings are so helpful when practicing at home at my leisure.

Zac has proved himself to be totally professional, an experienced teacher and a great musician. He is, importantly, extremely patient and enthusiastic with a warm and helping personality.

I highly recommend him to total beginners and more accomplished players!!

Sue - Chef

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We have designed this online learning platform to be simple and easy to use, while also providing enough content for you to become mighty guitarists. Our global students benefit so much from this platform that we are confident you will love it too and gain helpful knowledge and skills by using it. 

So as we said, if you don't get the value we're promising, we'll give your money back!